The modular data center based on secure rooms.
Now we can offer our customers a data center as a service. Dynamically scalable solution by quickly adding computing power, as well as all supporting power and cooling infrastructure. Guaranteed security. Independence from design of the building. The rapid deployment.

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Initial operation new system of traffic modeling.
Newest developments in network traffic analysis allowed us to implement a system of automatic packets flow simulation for analyzing the performance of various protocols and network topologies.


Reliability of data center infrastructure.
Rental software for the aviation industry.
Rent racks or server rooms.
Independent communication channels from 1 to 10 gigabits.

Rent of equipment.


Thanks to our partners we have constantly upgraded product lines of server and telecommunications equipment, and spares and components kits needed for emergency replacement. Generally, server repair or replacement takes 1-15 min after a fault has been detected.

Today we can offer you server systems produced by head manufacturers for various architectures, such as X86-64, IA-64, SPARC (v8 and v9), Power, as well as cluster solutions on GPU - CUDA.

The availability of a full model series allows us to satisfy the requirements of any clients, both small (small-sized SOHO servers) and large (Enterprise class servers).

As well…

In addition to server systems, we are ready to lease telecommunications equipment, switch fabrics, multiservice routers, multiplexers, CWDM/DWDM multiplexing equipment, and VoIP and GSM equipment.