The modular data center based on secure rooms.
Now we can offer our customers a data center as a service. Dynamically scalable solution by quickly adding computing power, as well as all supporting power and cooling infrastructure. Guaranteed security. Independence from design of the building. The rapid deployment.

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Initial operation new system of traffic modeling.
Newest developments in network traffic analysis allowed us to implement a system of automatic packets flow simulation for analyzing the performance of various protocols and network topologies.


Rent racks or server rooms.
Reliability of data center infrastructure.
Rental software for the aviation industry.
Independent communication channels from 1 to 10 gigabits.


GCX datacenter is a technological area with the most secured infrastructure for placing and holding critical IT equipment.

Today reliable storing of backup information is actual for one and all branches of industry. Direct allocation of stored information by types allows the usage of technical resources to produce commercially successful projects with no risk for any information stored for other purposes.

Rapid place of development and propagation of information technologies and escalation of competition requires the creation of integral systems for storing and processing any information, which mutually coordinate legal, operational, technological, organizational, technical and physical measures of information security. Current conditions require the fast implementation of data processing and storage systems.

Colocation services

Pure colocation.
1U or 10 racks - it does not matter!
Quality of service - the main thing!

Private room
Fully equipped and ready to work
From 3 to 12 racks 42U 600x1000
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Full-Rack / Half-Rack / Quarter-Rack
Clean power 3-12 kWt per rack
24/7 - KVM / Free remote hands
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One unit colocation
Clean power up to 750 Wt
KVM on demand / 2 GigabitEthernet ports
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What we offer:

We offer a high-tech area for consolidated data processing and storing, and support of full automation for business processes. We have investigated and worked out the details of the basic concepts for a secure technical infrastructure to allocate and store any types of information resources. Regulations and technical documentation, which define the principles of safe information storage, have been executed.