The modular data center based on secure rooms.
Now we can offer our customers a data center as a service. Dynamically scalable solution by quickly adding computing power, as well as all supporting power and cooling infrastructure. Guaranteed security. Independence from design of the building. The rapid deployment.

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Initial operation new system of traffic modeling.
Newest developments in network traffic analysis allowed us to implement a system of automatic packets flow simulation for analyzing the performance of various protocols and network topologies.


Reliability of data center infrastructure.
Rental software for the aviation industry.
Rent racks or server rooms.
Independent communication channels from 1 to 10 gigabits.


Our data center based near Moscow at Zhukovsky, which is a national aircraft construction center, has everything necessary for successful operation and evolution.

The usage of the area with the redundancy of all systems allows any scheduled work to be performed with no service stop. Duplication is applied, since each system includes, as a minimum, one more additional component, which provides the “N+1” redundancy. A structured cable system, as well as all active equipment, is fully redundant. The site has several active paths of load distribution and cooling with 2 (N+1) redundant components, i.e. two supply rays with the N+1 redundancy each.

Since the concept of the information storage base is based on its modularity, this makes the employment and growth of new facilities easier. The average time of installation for a new unit of 20-50 racks is 1 to 3 months that enables us to promptly perform the tasks of deploying any customer’s infrastructure.


The declared total data center time-out per year is up to 1 hour.