The modular data center based on secure rooms.
Now we can offer our customers a data center as a service. Dynamically scalable solution by quickly adding computing power, as well as all supporting power and cooling infrastructure. Guaranteed security. Independence from design of the building. The rapid deployment.

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Initial operation new system of traffic modeling.
Newest developments in network traffic analysis allowed us to implement a system of automatic packets flow simulation for analyzing the performance of various protocols and network topologies.


Rent racks or server rooms.
Independent communication channels from 1 to 10 gigabits.
Reliability of data center infrastructure.
Rental software for the aviation industry.

Our Goals.

Our primary goal is our clients’ and partners’ confidence.

So, we form the main confidence ways, which we try to follow and which are the quality basis for Data center management.

The analysis of the Data center clients’ wishes and requirements allows the identification of some principal issues, which are considered by a client, when planning the transfer of a part of his facilities to the Data center. These include reliability, security and quality of services. Essentially, the issue of quality of services is composite and consists of many factors, including security (both informational and physical security), as well as reliability. At present the issue of the level of services is not less actual. The standard approach is that the cost of secure information storage and processing directly depends on the cost of this information. This approach is not always competent and correctly implemented. In addition, the cost of information security measures exceeds any reasonable limits, but they do not reach their main objective. The development of open systems in the field of telecommunications, as well as the dissemination and transfer of all source codes to the designer community forms the basis for creating a secure and transparent platform.

When initially designing a Data center intended for aeronautical information storage, we identified the following confidence components:


Today the aircraft industry needs a network of secured and well-organized technological sites, which will enable the information support of Russian aviation to be raised to a new level.